Corrido Full Oval Drill

Corridor Full Oval – The Front and Square Setup

This is a drill that teaches a “front and square” set up, with hard inside running in numbers and long accurate kicking. A full oval drill that incorporates the entire team training. Corridor Full Oval Drill 138.42 KB Download *Requires...

/ July 17, 2016
Essendon vs Frankston

How To Win the Contested Possessions

SUMMARY: Contested possessions are one of the most quoted statistics in AFL, yet there seems to be little rhyme or reason as to why. But do contested possessions really matter? This article explores why contested possessions really DO matter and...

/ May 21, 2016
The Frankston Dolphins Celebrating the premiership

How I Was Almost Bankrupted – Because Of No Player Insurance

Do you play football and work full-time? Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, you work hard and you’re dedicated to what you do. But work isn’t everything, footy is also where it’s at. Community footy...

/ May 19, 2016
14 vs 11 Drill

14 vs 11 Game Sense Training – Ball Movement & Structures

This is a great drill that allows a team to practice their ball movement and structures in match like conditions. It is an excellent drill for the entire team (or multiple squads) to compete in. 14 vs 11 Game Sense...

/ March 20, 2016
Ice Me Bath

How Ice Baths Have Changed The Way We Prevent Injuries In Community AFL Football

SUMMARY: Just as important as the skills and conditioning program you are putting your players is the ability to allow your players the chance to recover effectively. In this article, you'll discover how to aid the recovery process through the use...

/ March 3, 2016
Avoid Goal Kicking Yips

How To Avoid The Goal Kicking Yips

SUMMARY: Set shot goal kicking has not improved after a hundred years of AFL, even though the kicking efficiency of today's modern players has increased significantly. So why do players choke up in front of goal? Turns out it has...

/ August 12, 2015
Football Kicking

How To Kick Out From Full Back

With West Coast Eagles Superboot, Shannon Hurn SUMMARY: How should full backs kick out when faced with a man-on-man defence? Or what about a zone defence? Or playing on? Shannon Hurn from the West Coast Eagle recently shared his tips...

/ May 30, 2015
Rebound and Angled Kicking

Rebound and Angled Kicking – Maintaining Defensive Pressure

A running drill aimed at teaching players to switch play and rebound, while also practicing their angled kicking. As a variation, you can also put two players at each position and have them handballing to each other and working in...

/ April 13, 2014
The Frankston Dolphins Celebrating the premiership

How The Frankston Dolphins Are Planning Their Practice Matches

SUMMARY: How are you planning practice matches this year? And how do you compare to what others are doing? In this feature article, we talk to Simon Goosey, coach of the Frankston Dolphins in the VFL, about how they have...

/ April 9, 2014
10 Station Drill

10 Stations – Creating the Overlap

A running drill which educates players on how to create an overlap with the opponent. This highly effective drill focuses on both offensive and defensive skills while testing a players fitness and endurance. 10 Stations 239.28 KB Download *Requires Adobe...

/ August 20, 2013