"Former AFL Insider Reveals The Latest Coaching Strategies For Training and Winning Stoppages Being Used In The AFL Today"

And it was one of the most informative presentations ever delivered outside of the AFL.

Sadly, you missed the LIVE event....

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From The Desk of David Johnson
Coach AFL, Perth
RE: Rare Opportunity To Discover One of Footy's Biggest Secrets

Dear Coach,

Our recent "Secrets to Winning Stoppages" clinic in Perth really blew our mind...

Former Fremantle Docker's Ruck Coach Simon Eastaugh really did spill the beans on all the latest strategies for stoppages.. both on game days and at training.

And after the clinic, would you believe we got emails begging for the DVD from state and amateur league coaches from not just Australia, but around the world.

Seems good news gets around fast, as they had all heard how cutting edge this clinic really was from friends who had attended in Perth...

We even had several requests from the attendees themselves who were worried they had missed something important while furiously writing their notes. They really had been blown away by it all!

Why Winning Stoppages Is So Important!

A stoppage is when the umpire stops play for a ball up or boundary throw-in.

But what you probably don't know is that if you ranked every AFL team on percentage of stoppages won during a home and away season, you'd discover:

The top stoppage winning team has played in every grand final for the last 3 ears,
The AFL Premier has always come from the top 4 in the last 5 years,
And 16 of the 20 teams that finished in the top 4 during the last 5 years also went on to play in the AFL finals series.

With around 70 stoppages a game --or 70 chances to win the ball from your opposition -- it's no wonder why the best teams are also the best teams at winning stoppage!

So let me tell you what the clinic was all about, and how you can get it all on DVD with a special 50% off introductory offer...

It all started when we ran a survey of our Coach AFL subscribers and discovered that coaches are more desperate for strategies on winning stoppages than any other facet of the game!

In fact, the most common questions we got asked were:

  • How do I design a set play for a stoppage?

  • What do I instruct my team if our ruckman is winning or losing the ruck knocks?

  • How should players -- in and outside the square -- set up at a centre bounce?

  • How does playing stoppages in the back line and the forward line differ?

  • And how should I run stoppage training?

Unfortunately, there are no resources out there to answer these questions…

And the few who truly know won't tell you, because they're worried they'll lose an advantage.

Well this made us angry... very angry...

So angry in fact that we finally decided to something about it!

** We figured that since the experts won't tell you about the latest stoppage strategies, we’d pay off an insider to spill the beans… Both for our own personal use, and for the use of our fellow coaches and players as well.

And that's exactly what we did...


... How We *Unearthed* One Of The Sharpest Minds On Stoppages In The Backwoods of Perth?

Meet Our Insider
Simon Eastaugh, Former Player and Ruck Coach with the Dockers!

Simon first came to our attention when, as the coach of the Perth Football Club in the WAFL, we saw him starting off a number of his training drills with a stoppage.

The training drills themselves weren't necessarily unique. In fact, we had seen them used by a number of other state league coaches.

But the fact that Simon was starting them with a stoppage made us curious?

... Why was he doing this?

When we asked him, we quickly discovered that it is tactic he learnt as anassistant coach at the Fremantle Dockers.

And as the conversation progressed, it was clear that Easty was one of the sharpest coaching minds in the WAFL (a fact recognised by many throughout the WAFL)...

But best of all, we discovered that he was also one of the foremost leading authorities on stoppages as well!

In fact, we were impressed when we researched Simon's credentials.

Here's what we discovered:

=> Simon first developed his knowledge on stoppages as an AFL ruckman, playing with the Fremantle Dockers, Essendon and Richmond in the late 1990s and earl 2000's...
=> After finishing his AFL playing career, Simon took on the role of ruck coach at the Fremantle Dockers where he was exposed to all the latest coaching strategies in the AFL today and where he also personally coached highly rated pair Aaron Sandilands and Justin Longmuir...
=> Since then, Simon has done everything possible to develop himself including taking over the reigns as head coach for the Perth Football Club in the WAFL, where he remains today...
=> During his footy career, Simon has personally played with or studied under some of the most intuitive football minds in modern football including Kevin Sheedy, Mark Harvey, Chris Connolly, Ben Allen, Alan Jeans and more...
=> But above all, everyone had told us (including some contacts in the AFL and WAFL) about Simon and how he was a highly rated for his high intelligence, organization and presentation skills...

And the more we researched Simon's background, the more we knew he was the right man to teach us about stoppages!

We *Bribed* Simon To Spill His Guts On All The AFL Insider Secrets To Winning Stoppages... Then Captured It On DVD For You To Enjoy!

During his career, Simon had secretly been entrusted with the latest information on stoppages from the inner sanctum of some the game's most elite coaches...

And we*bribed* him to reveal it all at our "Secrets to Wining Stoppages" Clinic in Perth.

This clinic was unique because it was the first time an insider had revealed these secrets outside the AFL realm.

And we captured it all on DVD for you to ethically steal...

... Every strategy Simon covered was broken down step-by-step and explained in plain English so that anyone could use them.

No stone was left unturned. You'll discover how these strategies work, when to use them and why!

In fact, here's exactly what we're forced Simon to confess: 

Where players should line up inside and outside the square (structures)
How to play to dominant and losing ruckmen
How to develop set plays
Centre bounce strategies to counter the opposition when they have a run on

Defensive and offensive strategies
Playing to dominant and losing ruckmen
How to use stoppages to slow the opposition

Training drills for ruckmen and player
How to design and practice set play
How to integrate stoppages into other training exercises

Why You Won't Find This Information Anywhere Else!

Simon dominating the
ruck against Collingwood!

The "Secrets To Winning Stoppages" Clinic truly was a unique experience... and for two good reason...

Firstly, few outside the AFL really know what the latest stoppage tactics are and how they work!

And if you ask any AFL coach to truly reveal their strategies for winning stoppages, they'll probably refuse.

Secondly, the information revealed by Simon is so cutting edge, you simply won't find them in any book or article. It's simply too advanced!

...Which is what made the event so RARE!

Never again will you get a chance like this to discover this crucial knowledge, explained step-by-step, from a football "Insider" like Simon Eastaugh...

Want Proof?

We know that you may be skeptical... is this stuff really a secret? Or is it really public knowledge and we are getting the wool pulled over our eyes.

So here's something Simon revealed about Essendon as proof.

... When a stoppage occurs at Essendon's half forward area, Scott Lucas and Matthew Lloyd will generally set up in the right hand forward pocket.

If Essendon wins the stoppage, one or both of these players will then generally lead toward the left forward pocket... and the Essendon players at the stoppage will try to kick to this pocket as the first option.

So why does Essendon do this? Because both players are left footers and are favoured more when kicking from the left pocket!

Not this may not necessarily be suited to your team (each team is different after all).

But it demonstrates one important point!

And that is how coaches should also plan on how players set up OUTSIDE the stoppage, not just at it!

This is just one of the strategies being used at AFL level that Simon revealed and which ordinary amateur coaches would probably have never thought of... there are of course many more!

And you'll enjoy them all when you get the "Secrets To Winning Stoppages" DVD...

What The Experts Say About Stoppages

"If you can't win the stoppages, say goodnight.”

- David Parkin,
Former Carlton Premiership Coach
Renowned Football Authority

"Stoppages are the most important part of football - win them and you usually win the game."

- Greg Williams
Brownlow Medalist and AFL Legend


“The bottom line is that to become a successful team, you need to be strong in winning stoppages.”

- Chris Bond,
Western Bulldogs Assistant Coach

"At the end of the day, whoever wins the stoppages will most probably win the game."

- Brett Ratten
Carlton Caretaker Coach

“Games go the way of the stop plays, so this is one area that teams need to be proficient at in order to wins games of football.”

- Mark "Bomber" Riley,
Melbourne Demons Caretaker Coach

This DVD Isn't For Everyone...

This rare piece of football intelligence is not for everyone. It's really designed exclusively for only those truly serious about their footy...  I'm talking about these guys:

A Serious Coach or assistant who wants to discover how to create winning strategies on game days, run better training sessions and coach your team to success!
A Serious Player who wants to understand the game better, win more footy and basically improve your abilities as a serious footballer.

If this sounds like you, then we know you'll love watching Simon spill his guts!

If you're not, then that's OK too... but it probably won't be up your alley because it pretty full on! So I probably wouldn't bother.

OK, So Here's Our Special Offer...

Some coaches paid as much as $97 and traveled from country WA just to be at the clinic... and the knowledge they gained was a bargain at ten times price because it probably shortened their learning curve by at least ten years!

Add the cost of professionally recording the clinic, DVD production and GST and we could easily charge $150 just for the DVD... but we won't...

In fact we decided upon a price of $97... but still thought we could do better for you.

So here is what we decided to do...

1. Order now and... and get our "Secrets to Winning Stoppages" DVD for just $79...
2. Plus enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee... if our DVD hasn't lived up to any of our promises, then simply send it back to us for a full refund less shipping.
3. And, we'll throw in free shipping for coaches within Australia... and cover half the shipping costs for delivery outside of Australia (only $15 for international shipping orders)

And To Make Your Decision Even Easier,
This Valuable FREE Bonus Is Yours To Keep No Matter What (a $47 value)...

Our "Stoppage Training Drills" DVD features a number of stoppage training drills for you and your team.

We initially developed this DVD separately to the clinic and were planning to sell it for $47, but we will throw it in free of charge as a valuable bonus.

But here's the best bit...

... To show you how confident we are in your satisfaction, this bonus is yours to keep even if you refund our "Secrets To Winning Stoppages" DVD, as our way of saying thanks for giving us a try... a guaranteed gain no matter what!

Is Your Team's Results Suffering Because Of Poor Stoppage Performance?

Then here's your chance to do something about it and develop yourself beyond your competition in the process...

Improving your skills at the stoppages - both as a player and a coach - is the most effective way for you to get a competitive advantage on your competition.

Don't make the mistake of turning down this can't-lose opportunity to learn these skills at this extremely rare event. Order now to take advantage of this special introductory offer, and we will rush your copy out to you via Express Post on our dime... just in time for the finals.

Yours for football success!

David Johnson - Coach AFL

PS. Just a reminder, you are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee that kicks in once you receive your DVD. Plus you also get a free bonus stoppage training DVD (valued at $47) that is yours to keep no matter what. AND, we will cover the shipping in Australia.

In football terms, this rare coaching offer has absolutely no downside risk. We have taken all that on ourselves. And the potential benefits of this information is huge. So do not delay. Order now!


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“The bottom line is that to become a successful team, you need to be strong in winning stoppages.”


Chris Bond,
Western Bulldogs Assistant

“Games go the way of the stop plays, so this is one area that teams need to be proficient at in order to wins games of football.”


Mark Riley,
Melbourne Defensive Coach

"If you can't win the stoppages, say goodnight.”


David Parkin,
AFL Premiership Coach


"At the end of the day, whoever wins the stoppages will most probably win the game."


Brett Ratten
Carlton Caretaker Coach