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to costly mistakes like these by discovering 3 simple ways to improve your strength and conditioning training now, with Chris Dorman!

When you discover these BREAKTHROUGHS, you too will ask:

Dear forgotten friend,

elieve it or not, footy players all over Australia are still needlessly suffering from injury, fatigue and poor conditioning.

And it's all because of outdated practices like these...

MISTAKE # 1 - Static Warm Ups From Yesteryear...

When you don't warm your players up correctly, you fail to prepare them for the high intensity demands of Australian rules football, and needlessly put them at serious risk of soft tissue injury.

Which is why elite teams have moved away from the old practice of running a couple of laps and static stretching to the more modern practice of "Dynamic Warm Ups". Yet drive past any community footy oval in Australia and you'll still see teams doing the "old" static warm ups that elite teams have moved away from doing years ago.

Has your team unknowingly been in this boat? Then take heart, because I'll explain more about dynamic warm ups later in this letter, along with how to perform them and a sample routine you can take back to your club.

MISTAKE # 2 - Weight Training That Builds Size, Not Strength...

One of the keys to increased physical performance and injury prevention in footy players is weight training. Used correctly, it can build important strength and speed in your players, as well as strengthen ligaments, tendons and connective tissue for injury prevention.

Yet most footy players make the mistake of training purely for hypertrophy (muscle mass), which can not only lead to increased fatigue through the carriage of extra weight over a 120 minute game, but also increases your chances of injury through the added stress it places on joints, ligaments and tendons.

Are your players doing the wrong weights? If so, don't fret. Because later on this page, I'll show you how to lift weights properly in order to meet the unique demands of Australian rules football... and not just look pretty.

MISTAKE # 3 - Training For Endurance, Not Football...

Gone are the days where we condition footballers by sending them on long slow distance runs to get "K's" in their legs. Training this way only sends the message to your body to move slowly!

Instead, you should be building aerobic capacity through repeat sprint efforts and intervals of varying lengths and intensities. That way, you can condition your players to a higher speed and a higher intensity, and make it more game specific for Aussie rules.

The fact is, long distance running is a thing of the past in our game. So let me show you how you should be conditioning your players for the rigors of football instead. I'll reveal how later on this page.

MISTAKE # 4 - Misguided Strategies for Sprint Training...

Sprint training doesn’t aim to improve fitness - just speed! But not only do few community teams actually do any sort of quality speed training, the training they do attempt is generally at the wrong time (the end of a training session when players are most fatigued) and at the wrong work to rest ratios (so players don't have enough rest in between sprints to allow proper recovery).

These costly mistakes are just the iceberg's tip. But the good news is if you want to avoid common mistakes like these and more, simply by reading below and discovering how to benefit the right way from a properly designed sprint program.

MISTAKE # 5 - Recovery... What Recovery?

Finally, something that most community coaches fail to consider is recovery. Yet recovery can be just as important as the training itself (think of it as ‘invisible training’).

How much water do you make your players drink after a game for example? Or what sort of recovery specific activities do you plan to include during the week?

The fact is, if your players don’t recover properly after a game or training session, they can't achieve a high level of quality training in subsequent sessions. What's more, poor recovery can also lead to accumulated fatigue as the season progresses, limiting their performance while heading towards the most important part of the season - finals!

Don't let common mistakes like these poison your season. Be one of the few coaches at the community level who does strength and conditioning the right way, and give your players the best chance you can for success. I'll show you how later on this page.

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Why Have Coaches Been
"Left In The Dark"?

If you are coaching or playing at the grassroots and community levels, then you will probably make simple mistakes like these and more.

As a result, you and your players will probably suffer unnecessary from preventable injuries... and you or your players will probably pay the price for poor athletic development.

And this will all happen for just one reason. Because you don't know the truth about today's modern day strength and conditioning practices for our great game of Australian rules football!

All around Australia, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent into developing S & C programs for professional and semi-professional teams to make them fitter, stronger, faster and more injury resistant to the rigors of footy.

The problem is that these breakthrough practices have developed at such an incredible rate, that most of them haven't yet been able to trickle down to the grassroots level so you too can benefit.

Complicating matters even further is the fact that strength and conditioning practices have become highly specialized.

Meaning what works in some sports, my not be as effective for Australian rules football... a game where speed, repeat sprint ability and core strength have proved more important than say, what bulky muscles and raw power are in rugby... or hand speed and endurance are in boxing.

And with very few resources on the subject for coaches to access, it's no wonder that most are in the dark about today's latest strength and conditioning practices... (and why most coaches are still using the old outdated strategies from their playing days in the 80's and 90's).

But if your strength and conditioning practices has room for improvement, don't fret.

Because on the following page, I'd like to invite you to discover the latest practices for yourself.

So you too can help your players enjoy:

Faster foot speed and agility,
Increased repeat sprint ability,
Stronger bodies,
Higher intensity for longer,
Greater injury prevention,

And more...

Best of all, you can start discovering these strategies for the first time from the comfort of your own home, over and over again, simply by clicking the order link below.

Catch Up With The Latest Strength and Conditioning Practices - All From The Comfort of Your Own Home!

You can't blame the poor old coach for these mistakes because there are very few resources they can access to gain the information they need for football.

But after seeing community teams needlessly suffer from poor strength and conditioning practices time and time again, we asked ourselves, "How can we bridge the gap."

Which is why we bribed Chris Dorman - a real-life strength and conditioning coach in the WAFL coach - to spill his guts in front of a crowded room of coaches in Perth.

Chris holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Best of all, he knows how to apply his knowledge specifically to the unique demands of Australian rules football.

At the time of writing you this letter, Chris had been the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the West Perth Football Club in the Western Australian Football League (WAFL) for 3 years, as well as being a Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Western Force Academy in the elite Super 14s Rugby Union competition.

And judging by the response of his presentation, Chris didn't disappoint. Even the two former AFL assistant coaches we had in the room were impressed!

Best of all, we recorded every word and reproduced it onto a special DVD we call "Strength and Conditioning Secrets".

"From warm ups to recovery... this DVD has totally transformed our training sessions. It should be required viewing for all coaches!"

- Luke Slywa
Subiaco Junior Football Club

"Why couldn't we get this info before?"

- Adam Bell
Southern River FC

Questions? Email customer support at

A "Must Have" Resource Designed To Meet The Unique Demands of Australian Rules Football

One of the most important aspects of Chris's presentation was that it wasn't a generic description of strength and conditioning in general.

All the strategies were designed specifically for Australian rules football - based on his coaching experiences in the WAFL.

For example according to Chris, research shows that players rarely sprint maximally for more than approximately 40 meters in football... and that sprinting is performed from a variety of different starting positions such as walking, jogging and striding.

That might be why the speed training programs that he shared for footy are rarely longer than 40 metres in length... or why his repeat sprint ability programs (different to pure speed training) have players starting from standing, rolling and ground positions.

And this is the precise reason why this special DVD presentation will prove to be a valuable resource in your coaching library.

While you can access general strength and conditioning information from any "University" library, this information relates specifically to the unique demands of our game.

You don't have to bury yourself in book after book, or needlessly experiment with your players to work it all out. The hard work has already been done for you to meet the specific needs for Australian rules football.

Will You Keep Up With These
NEW Trends In AFL Football

Footy has changed during the past decade, perhaps more than any other time in the history of our game.

Interchange Rotations Are Up 166% - In 2004, teams averaged just 30 interchange rotations a game. In 2008, the average was 80 and this number is set to climb even more as the game progresses!

Speed Increased By 10% in 2007 Alone - According to an AFL commissioned study into GPS data, AFL footy was 10% faster in 2007 than the year before in 2006. And with teams now focusing on drafting "quicker" players and improved their sprint training techniques, it's set to get faster yet again!

Tackling Has Doubled Since 2001 - What's more, according to AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson, the sharp increase in tackling and the speed at which players hit each other during tackles has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of shoulder injuries in recent times.

AFL Injuries Are At All-Time High - The fact is, AFL players have missed more games through injury over the past two seasons than at any other time in the past decade. And it's not just shoulder injuries. Hamstring and soft-issue injuries have also skyrocketed due to the increased speed and interchange rotations of our game.

So What Does This To Coaches and Players?

It means speed, gut running ability and strength are crucial to your success in today's modern game...

It means injury prevention and management are more important now more than ever...

And it means that, now more than ever, you need today's modern strength and conditioning practices to help prepare you and your team for today's fast paced, hard hitting modern football - the kind of practices you'll discover in our "Strength and Conditioning Secrets" DVD.

A Resource You'll Turn To Again and Again...

"Strength and Conditioning Secrets" is a complete resource. From speed training to repeat sprint ability to work capacity training, it's all here.

Best of all, the strategies are all revealed in simple step-by-step detail so anyone with a basic understanding of footy can implement it and start enjoying some significant benefits.

Here is just some of what you'll discover:

As you can see, Chris's presentation was made up of both chalk board tactics and hands on demonstrations.

And you can enjoy it all on our "Strength and Conditioning Secrets" DVD - one of the few resources created specifically for the unique demands of Australian rules football.

Click the order link below to get your copy today! Your investment's guaranteed and you get to keep the free bonus regardless!

Dynamic Warm Ups

  • How to warm up properly to prevent injury...
  • Why the old warm up practice of "jogging around the oval and stretching" is a thing of the past...
  • Today's new dynamic warm for football... including pre-activation techniques and football specific movements...
  • How to carry out a dynamic stretching routine... and why you shouldn't perform static stretching before training/games...
  • A sample dynamic warm up routine and real life demonstration...
  • And more...

Sprint Training

  • How to improve the all important foot speed in players...
  • The work to rest ratios you should be using for sprint training.
  • When to do it sprint training during your weekly training sessions...
  • Plus a sample 6 week speed training program for coaches to use...
  • And more...

Repeat Sprint Ability

  • Why long distance running is wrong for Australian rules football, and why you should be training "Repeat Sprint Ability" instead...
  • How "Repeat Sprint Ability" training is different to sprint training...
  • Different starting positions to use for "Repeat Sprint Ability" training and why...
  • Plus work to rest ratios and another sample 6 week training program for you to use...
  • And more...

Work Capacity Training

  • What it is and how to use it to increase endurance...
  • Also includes another sample 6 week training program for you and your team...
  • And more...

Weight Training

  • Why weight training is becoming more and more important for injury prevention and performance in football...
  • The most common mistake players make in weight training...
  • How many sessions a week you should train... including advice for pre-season and in-season...
  • A sample strength program for seniors and juniors...
  • And more...


  • How much fluid to give your players during a game to ensure proper hydration...
  • A simple test to tell if your players are properly hydrated...
  • Post game food recovery... what to eat after training and games for tissue repair and energy store replenishment...
  • Post training and game-day stretching... what to do and why its important...
  • Ice bathing for collision and non-collision activities... how it differs and how it should be done...
  • What to do the day after the game to improve preparation for the up-coming week...
  • And more...

The bottom line is this.

If you're a coach that wants to expand your knowledge to be the best you can be, for both your players and yourself...

If you're a player who wants to know how you can develop and prepare yourself for elite competition...

If you're a strength and conditioning professional who wants to know your knowledge can be applied specifically to Australian rules football...

Then this resource has been written specifically for you. And you can get your copy simply by clicking the order link below.

Let's Get Out A Note Pad and Examine The Benefits

At this point, you are probably thinking what this information may be worth to you.

Well, when I'm faced with a decision like this, I like to get out a pad and paper and examine the benefits to think it through.

I encourage you to do the same.

And when you do, I'm guessing your list probably looks something like the list I have written on the right.

Stop for a minute and consider these benefits and how important they are to you as a team and an individual.

Now let me ask you, "Could these benefits stack up to more wins on the board?"

Well I guess you are smart enough to realise that the answer depends on a range of other factors outside your control.

But I think you are also smart enough to realise that it will certainly increase your chances... and what would that worth to you and your team?

If you are like most serious coaches, you probably answered "priceless". Yet "Strength and Conditioning Secrets" can be yours to watch from the comfort of your own home for just $79.

The price covers the cost of professional DVD production, FREE postage and shipping, and the proceeds help us keep the Coach AFL newsletter free to the coaching community.

Considering it's rarity it's a steal!

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This information is still largely unknown at the amateur levels, so your copy of "Strength and Conditioning Secrets" will put your knowledge in the top 1% of the coaching community.

But to add some icing to this cake, we'll also send a copy of "Pre-Season Secrets", a special tele-seminar we conducted with Dave Kinsella, former Strength and Conditioning Coach with the East Fremantle and Perth Football Clubs (both in the WAFL), and now with AFL Tasmania.

This tele-seminar also comes with a sample pre-season training program, and we previously sold it for $27 each.

But it's yours free when you order "Strength and Conditioning Secrets" today.

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To make your decision even easier, we will also make you this guarantee:

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

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This guarantee really puts all the risk on us. If the information doesn't deliver, then we are the ones out of pocket not you.

Think about it. Why would we offer you a generous guarantee like this if we weren't confident about the information inside?

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To meet the unique physical demands of Australian rules football, you can hire a strength and conditioning coach to develop your training programs (it probably wouldn't be a bad investment).

Or you can get a copy of our "Strength and Conditioning Secrets" DVD and discover some of the hottest practices being used at the elite clubs today.

Either way, don't just ignore the increasing demands of our game and risk your players to poor preparation and preventable injuries.

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"From warm ups to recovery... this DVD has totally transformed our training sessions. It should be required viewing for all coaches!"

- Luke Slywa
Subiaco Junior Football Club

"Why couldn't we get this info before?"

- Adam Bell
Southern River FC

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David Johnson - Coach AFL

PS. This DVD should be on top of your viewing list. It will be a resource you'll turn to again and again during the next few years. Every strategy is explained in plain English, and you will be able to begin implementing them almost immediately.

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