Do you play football and work full-time?

Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, you work hard and you’re dedicated to what you do. But work isn’t everything, footy is also where it’s at.

Community footy is a great relief and a way to gain social interaction. It allows us to address the competitive beast within us and play the game we love.

But with that comes risk! Injuries are part and parcel of our game and we have all learned to live with them and adjust during the week. But what if the injury is severe and you can’t work? What if you are self-employed?

My own experience with this was nearly catastrophic. I played the game pretty hard in my time and injuries were a constant from week to week. I battled through them to ensure I could work and certainly play the next week.

During the 1993 season, I played every game and did not suffer any injuries, until the last 10 minutes of the last quarter of the last game. I was bumped on both sides as I tried to win a contested ball and the result was a dislocated AC shoulder joint, broken shoulder blade and massive tendon damage. I was ferried to hospital and into surgery.

I got a staph infection whilst in hospital on top of my injury and my stay in hospital dragged out to nearly 3 months. At the time, my wife and I had a small signwriting business and being off work so long, nearly sent us bankrupt. I had the sense to have top private cover which paid the hospital bills and the ambulance, but it did not provide me with an income.

As a community coach, I feel it is important to have this talk with my players to ensure they are covered whilst playing our great game. Just as we discuss mouth guards, we need to ensure our players have private medical coverage and income protection for those that need it.

Why is insurance so important?

You’ve trained hard all season and it’s come down to this

It’s game day. You’re running back with the flight of the ball, you feel a pack forming behind you, team-mates call you in. You know the team needs you to commit and your coach expects nothing less. You leap to take the mark. The last thing you’re thinking about is an injury. Sometimes, you come off second best.

What about work? Who’s going to pay the bills while you recover?

This is where income protection insurance helps. It will provide you an income when you’re unable to work. The problem is, in the past, people who played football were treated as a higher risk by insurers, giving them longer waiting periods and higher loadings.

Not anymore. One of Australia’s largest insurers, now treat football players just like anyone else. And that is good news for community footballers as the costs associated with playing amateur sport are already high.

Key features of this income protection insurance for Footballers.
• You won’t need to pay more for insurance just because you play football. A loading for football is not applied, regardless of occupation. You won’t be penalised with longer waiting periods
• Benefits of up to $15,000 per month
• Available for all football codes
• All non-professional footballers, WAFL and ex-AFL players are considered. Each case is assessed individually.
• A range of insurance is available, with benefits when you package your cover.
• Income received from a football club is not covered
• For all successful applicants a smartwatch to help monitor your health/lifestyle is also provided.
• This income protection cover is 24/7 and covers you worldwide.

Terms and conditions apply. Each case is assessed on an individual basis and you may not be able to take advantage of this offer.

Knowing your income is protected if you are injured is important.

How do I get this insurance?

David Griffiths is Senior Financial Adviser at Prosperity Partners in Perth. The important thing here is David knows and loves footy! He has been a board member at WAFL club Perth. He has been an assistant WAFL league, reserves and colts coach. David has coached in his own right in the WA Amateurs as well as being involved with the Australian Football Coaches Association. He was also one of WA’s first Level 3 High Performance Coaches. So he knows the game and the inherent risks. That’s why he is the right man to discuss your needs with.

David Griffiths can be contacted on 08 9442 0666 or by email at

Prosperity Partners
Corporate Authorised Representative of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd.
AFSL/ACL No 236523

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