Category: Training Drils

Cut and Lead

Cut and Lead on Angle – Teaching Lateral Thinking

This drill is a warm up drill designed to practice leading correctly and kicking to a moving target. It teaches players to lead correctly and not be one-dimensional. It also teaches the kicker to weight the kick properly and position...

/ March 4, 2008
Corridor Full Oval

Corridor – Full Oval Drill for Large Groups

This is a drill that teaches players how to set up “front and square” and encourages hard inside running in numbers and long accurate kicking. This is an ideal drill for training a large groups of players using the full...

/ March 1, 2008
Break Away

Break Away – Refining Stoppage Skills

The breakaway is is a game-based training drill that is designed to refine the skill of your players around the ground at stoppages. It's extremely beneficial to the development of players and is an invaluable way to keep your players...

/ October 3, 2007
Goosey Goal Kicking

Goosey Goal Kicking Drill – Improving Set Shots

This is a goal kicking drill designed specifically to improve player’s set shots for goal. It was provided to us by Western Bulldogs Forward coach Simon Goosey. Tip: Use this drill in conjunction with Goosey's coaching tips for goal kicking....

/ September 4, 2007
Contest and Crumb

Contest & Crumb – Improving the art

This is a great drill to teach players the art of crumbing at a contest. It aims to improve both the crumbing skills and decision making of players and also provides intensive contested marking practice for players. Contest & Crumb...

/ July 20, 2007
Cover the Rebound

Cover the Rebound – Defensive Training

This drill teaches players to how to 1) run into space to rebound the ball from defense, and 2) apply pressure to defend against the opposition’s rebound. It’s also a great fitness drill incorporating ball handling and spatial skills. Cover...

/ June 9, 2007
Holding Ground

Holding Ground – High Intensity Warm-Up

This drill is a great warm up type drill and is done at a high intensity. It generates excitement and voice among the players and encourages them to attack the ball hard and work together in tight spaces. It teaches...

/ May 9, 2007
Cue Kicking

Cue Kicking – In game kicking replication

This is a kicking drill that replicates various kicks during a game of football. Players practice kicking at varying angles, such as directly at the leading player, or out in front of a player leading away from the kicker. Cue...

/ September 9, 2006
T Drill

T Drill – To Enhance Decision Making

This is a drill aimed to enhance the decision-making ability of players whilst practicing kicking or handballing skills. The T-Drill is a good warm up and skill development drill that is also fun as well. Works in groups of four....

/ June 8, 2006