With Simon Goosey, Specialist Forward Coach with the Western Bulldogs and Arguably The Greatest Forward Never To Play AFL

Summary: Goal kicking technique is an important part of our game and one that can be surprisingly hard to teach sometimes. When we recently spoke to one of the best teachers in the game (and probably the games greatest ever goal kicker) on one of our player’s techniques, the advice we received was invaluable… so we had to share it with you.


Goal kicking is such an important aspect of football, and the game has seen some of the greats win game after game. Current stars such as Lloyd and Hall are both vital to their clubs chances of finals success, and most people are aware of the heroic feats of Lockett, Dunstall and Gary Ablett snr.

There is another player who has kicked more goals than all these great champions and has carved out a stellar career in the VFL and other leagues in country Victoria. Simon Goosey, better known as Goose, played for Frankston in the VFL and with both Mornington and Dromana in the country leagues.

Goosey – The Player

Simon Goosey is arguably the greatest forward never to play in the AFL (although he did have a couple of seasons in the Richmond Tigers reserves).

And here is the proof:

  • In 248 games for Mornington, he has slotted through a massive 1623 goals
  • In 15 games he played for Dromana, he kicked 107 goals
  • He has kicked more than 150 goals in a season – twice!
  • And more amazingly, he has kicked over 100 goals a season for 11 years straight
  • The most goals he has kicked in a game is 20
  • Overall, Goosey has kicked more than 1730 senior goals.

Whilst kicking goals with regularity, Goosey was also coach at Mornington for 10 years, guiding them to 8 grand finals, winning 4 premierships. His talents were finally recognised when he played in the AFL’s Ted Whitten Legends Game in 2005 (where he kicked 4 goals).

Goosey has probably kicked more goals during his career than anyone else in the history of football (if you know of anyone who has kicked more, we’ll fall off our chair but let us know anyway).

He even has his own entry in wikipedia although we wonder if he didn’t enter this himself!

Simon Goosey

Goosey kicking goals with Mornington

Simon Goosey

And also in the Ted Whittens Legends Match

Goosey – The Forward Coach

Goosey’s playing record is very impressive indeed, and it is this talent which has now seen him secure a role with the Western Bulldogs in the AFL as a specialist coach working with the forwards.

Goosey’s current role with the Bulldogs is analysing the opposition and working with the match committee to review these games. He also spends time in the coach’s box to provide strategic feedback on the AFL teams he analyses.

The Western Bulldogs also use Goosey to work with their forwards to improve their goal kicking efficiency.

In the future, Goosey hopes to increase his involvement at the highest level in a coaching capacity, whether in the AFL system or the talent laden TAC Cup competition in Victoria coaching the state’s elite junior players.

Goosey’s Goal Kicking Advice for Coaching Set Shots

You’ll probably agree that there is probably no better authority on kicking goals than Goosey. Speaking with the “Goose” is always a pleasure, and I always get the feeling that he has enjoyed every minute of his involvement in football.

Johnno recently sought Goosey’s advice on goal kicking technique for a player he was involved with.

And his advice was so helpful, that we had to share them with our subscribers. Here they are:

Tip # 1 – Develop and Use a Set Routine

“It is very important to have your own routine when kicking for goal”, says Goosey. “This allows you to handle any situation during the game”. When kicking for goals, it is vital that a player is comfortable and relaxed, and that is gained from following a familiar and consistent routine.

Tip # 2 – Focus on a Spot

Goosey believes that one of the biggest mistakes players make is that they generally look at the whole goals, rather than narrowing down on a focal point. According to Goosey, this can set your whole kick off.

“When a player takes a set shot, they should always go back facing the goals and look for the goal umpire, as he always centres himself. You should then pick a target and kick to it.”
Goosey adds, “It is important to focus on a spot, instead of looking at the goals as a whole.”

Tip # 3 – The Kick Itself

According to Goosey, it is important that coaches don’t try to change a players kicking routine, just look at the basics and give them some attention.

Two big mistakes that players make when kicking are 1) trying to the cover off the ball (kicking too hard), and 2) not following through.

Goosey recommends that coaches should instruct players to pick a target behind the goals and kick to it. They should also make sure the player is kicking with a high follow through, even if it is only a short kick (soft stabs often slew off the side of the boot).

Other tips include a straight run up and ensuring there is sufficient space between the kick and the man on the mark.


If you instruct your players follow these basic techniques, their goal kicking can only improve. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll break Goosey’s record for most goals kicked in a senior playing career, and then maybe he will stop telling us about it ;).

Simon Goosey is currently developing a goal kicking technique system that he hopes will give players an edge in their goal kicking, particularly young players who have ambitions to play in the AFL. Goosey has been credited with helping many players improve their technique and goal kicking efficiency and with a record such as his; it would be insane for clubs not to tap into his wealth and experience.

For the record, as the Goose enters the twilight of his career, kicking goals still excites him and he hopes to make 2007 the 12th consecutive year he kicks the magical ton. Good luck Goose!
Title photo by Tim Moreillion via: freeforcommercialuse.org.

Posted by David Johnson

David “Johnno” Johnson is our chief football researcher and writer. With over 20 years of coaching experience in all grades of football David was also a prominent footballer himself, having played at Teal Cup level and was even recruited by the Essendon Football Club. The pinnacle of David's coaching experience saw him as the assistant coach of the East Fremantle Shark Football Club in the WAFL for a number of years.


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