Benefits of Training Games

Benefits of Training Games in AFL – Lessons From Brazilian Soccer

SUMMARY: Have you ever wondered why Brazil has dominated world soccer over richer European nations? Is the reason poverty? Is it because Brazilians are naturally more graceful? Or is because of a secret “training game” that the rest of the...

/ July 15, 2013
How to Kick a Drop Punt

Secrets of Kicking An AFL Drop Punt

SUMMARY: What advice can you give to your players to improve their kicking efficiency? Namely, how often should they practice their kicking? What’s the best way to hold the ball for a drop punt? What types of kicking should they...

/ April 29, 2013
Fitness Testing at the community level

Fitness Testing For AFL Football – What To Do At The Community Level

Summary: Fitness testing is all the rage in the AFL and state leagues around Australia. But are they relevant at the community level? And if so, what tests should community coaches use and when should they conduct them? This article...

/ March 17, 2013
Are we asking the right things from our players

Are We Asking Our Players To Do The Right Thing?

With Jason Stevens, Senior Coach White Hills Football & Netball Club SUMMARY: How many coaches have asked their players to crack into a contest and win the contested footy? If I was to take a stab in the dark, I...

/ August 12, 2012
Go Forward Again

Go Again Forward – Developing Offensive Leading Patterns

This full oval drill works the football down the entire length of the ground, utilising it to its full capacity. It is designed to help develop your team's offensive structure and provide forwards with the opportunity to practice their leading...

/ July 25, 2012
Secrets of Winning Coaches

Secrets Of Winning Coaches Revealed

SUMMARY: Imagine getting twelve of Australia’s leading coaches into a room and asking them all to reveal their closely guarded secrets to success. Imagine the amazing insights and wisdom you would discover. And the potential success these secrets could bring....

/ July 21, 2012
Sports Psychology

How Port Melbourne Plotted Their 2011 VFL Premiership Season – And What They’re Doing In 2012

SUMMARY: Aside from the usual running and conditioning programs teams execute during the pre-season, how else can coaches prepare their teams for success in the lead up to a season? We asked the great Gary Ayres how he prepared Port...

/ May 1, 2012
Preseason Training AFL Fundamentals

Preseason Training Program Fundamentals In AFL Football

SUMMARY: Premierships are won and lost in the preseason – or at least that is the view of many of the AFL’s leading coaches. So what should you consider when you develop your preseason program? We asked Mitchell Cook, a...

/ April 4, 2012
Kicking Mistakes in Juniors

The 5 Most Common Kicking Technique Errors In Junior Players – And How To Remedy Them

SUMMARY: Kicking is arguably the most important skill in our game. It's the one thing AFL and state league recruiters look at most when considering a player. Yet most junior players have never been taught how to kick properly. In...

/ September 12, 2011
Kick Builders

The Kicking Rainmaker: How A Seventy Year Old Queenslander Is Turning Kicking Coaching On Its Ear

SUMMARY: The common belief in AFL circles is that every player’s natural kicking action is different and therefore, their technique should be tweaked rather than overhauled. Now seventy year old Roy Redman from Kick Builders, along with his protégé Sean...

/ August 17, 2011