Switch Split and Break Drill

Switch, Split and Break – Creating space for Defenders

This full oval ball movement drill is designed to teach defenders how to read the play and switch direction to create space and aditional options when moving the ball forward into offense. Switch, Split and Break 155.69 KB Download *Requires...

/ July 7, 2011
Forward Crumbing Drill

Forward Crumbing Drill – Creating offensive opportunities

A simple yet highly effective goal kicking drill that teaches players how to crumb the ball while providing your key forwards with some much needed marking practice. A small localised drill great for developing the spearhead in your attack. Forward...

/ June 9, 2011
Matthew Llyod Quick Hands Drill

Matthew Lloyd’s Clean Hands Test – Delivering Accurately

This is a test used to test a player's ability to gather the ball cleanly and deliver quick accurate handballs using both preferred and non-preferred hands. It was developed by Essendon great Matthew Lloyd whilst at the AIS Football Academy,...

/ May 6, 2011
Working the Ball Forward Drill

Working The Ball Forward – Developing Patience & Pressure

This training drill aims to teach team play with a strong emphasis on developing patience in attacking players and building defensive pressure skills for defenders. Requiring only 8 players and a forward 50 zone this is a great drill for...

/ April 18, 2011
Harnessing the Natural Flair in Young Players

Coaching Kids with Flair: How To Harness The Natural Flair In Your Young Players?

With Collingwood legend Nathan Buckley SUMMARY: It is so common that nearly all of us who have coached for a while have seen one or two kids come through junior football who have that x-factor. Those who can take the...

/ April 7, 2011
The great John Wooden

It Takes 10 Hands To Score A Basket

Insights from the great John Wooden, named “Coach of the 20th Century” by ESPN and one of the most successful basketball coaches of all-time. SUMMARY: "A champion team will always beat a team of champions." You may have heard the...

/ October 10, 2010
Running Goal Kicking Drill

Running Goal Kicking – Game Simulated Pressure

This is a goal kicking drill that allows players to practice their running kicking at goal while under game-simulated pressure. At the time of publishing this drill, the Adelaide Crows regularly performed this drill during their pre-game warm ups. Running...

/ September 26, 2010
What Makes a Football Captain

What Makes A Great Footy Captain?

 Leadership Secrets From Brisbane Lion’s Superstar Jonathan Brown SUMMARY: What does a great captain do? Are they there to lead the team through the banner, call the coin toss and deliver a motivational speech before the game, or is great...

/ September 5, 2010
Angled Kicking Drill

Angled Kick and Follow – Hitting the Target

A fantastic kicking drill that teaches players to kick on the angle and push up the ground to receive another possession. Excellent for building your player's skill in kicking, hitting the target and creating further opportunities. Angled Kick and Follow...

/ September 1, 2010
Muddys Switch Drill

Muddy’s Switch Drill – Opening up the Fat Side

This drill has been designed to teach players how to “switch the play” in the backline to open up the fat side of the ground and work the ball to the forwards. It was developed by Chris “Muddy” Waterman, the...

/ August 4, 2010