Preseason Training Camp Secrets

Secrets To Pre-Season Training Camps

SUMMARY: Preseason camps are an excellent way to bring your players together and prepare your team for an upcoming season. The question is, what objectives should you be trying to achieve at your camps and how can you go about...

/ August 3, 2010
Grid Handball Game

Grid Handball Game – An effective hand speed drill

This simple drill is one of the most effective game-based and fitness drills you can use. It teaches players how to create space, decision making, speed of handball (loop vs bullet), drawing opponents and the art of quick hands/release. Grid...

/ July 30, 2010
Hunting in Packs

Hunting in Packs – Clearing the Contest

This is a drill that teaches players to gain possessions through teamwork by protecting the ball winner and to release the ball to an outside running player to clear the contest area. When extended this is a good method of...

/ July 20, 2010
AFL Career Transitioning Program

Insider Secrets To Developing Young Players: A Sneak Peak Behind Anthony Rock’s New “SKINS AFL Career Transition Program”

SUMMARY: One of the advantages of being drafted to an AFL club as a young player is the cutting edge development opportunities you get access to. But what about those talented young players who sadly don't get drafter? How can...

/ July 18, 2010
Switch of Play

Switch of Play – Creating loose man opportunities

A handy drill with the aim of teaching players how to create a loose man opportunity. Players are required to push the play hard to the opposite side of the ground and run and carry the ball. Switch of Play...

/ June 30, 2010
Attracting new sponsors

How To Attract More Players and Sponsors Through The Media

SUMMARY: Want to attract more sponsors to your club? Need more players to boost your competitiveness? Like to reach more supporters in your local community? Then why not take advantage of the free media opportunities at your disposal. In this...

/ June 28, 2010
Champions at the Highest Level

The Secrets of Success In Football: What Champion Athletes Do To Succeed And What Sports Psychologists Are Teaching Players At The Highest Levels

Summary: Have you ever wondered what the secret behind a champion's success is? Why some players achieve success against the odds while others with seemingly greater talent fail to live up to expectations? If you could change the way your...

/ June 5, 2010
Fast Offensive Running

Fast Offensive Running – Creating the loose man

Utilising the full extent of the oval, this is a great running drill for building the fitness of your players while also teaching them how to create the loose man, run in support and work the ball through the corridor....

/ May 15, 2010
Funnel Drill

The Funnel – 6 vs 6 working the ball into Offense

This is a great 6 vs 6 training drill that teaches players how to play corridor football. Using the majority of the oval players work the ball up the ground, under pressure and through the corridor, to the forwards. Funnel...

/ April 20, 2010
How Coaches can plan for the future

Where To Start As a NEW Coach Of A Team And How To Plan For The Future

How Simon Goosey Is Tackling The “New Coach” Blues at the Frankston Dolphins in the VFL! SUMMARY: Every coach at one time or another has gone through it, almost like a right of passage. I'm talking about the difficult task...

/ September 2, 2009