Developing Junior Players

AFL Secrets To Developing Junior Players

With Andrew Lockyer, Former West Coast Eagles Player and Current Coach of the East Fremantle Colts SUMMARY: When you become a junior coach, you also become a custodian of the great game of Australian rules football. For it is your...

/ April 20, 2008
Frawleys Full Oval

Frawley’s Full Oval – Moving from Defense to Offense

This is a fantastic drill – designed by former Richmond Coach Danny Frawley – that provides specialized training for all players involved. Forwards and defenders get game-based training at both ends of the ground and in different defensive set ups....

/ April 10, 2008
Team USA - Ladies Team

Teaching Those Who Have Never Played The Game – The American Experiment

SUMMARY: Imagine being given the task of teaching a group of kids how to play Australian rules football – even though none of them have ever seen or heard of the game? Below, how Coach AFL is attempting just that...

/ April 10, 2008
Teach AFL Defenders

Rules and Philosophies For Defenders – What Are Coaches Teaching Defenders Nowadays?

With Dale Tapping, Assistant Coach Of The Western Jets in the TAC Cup and former Defensive Coach of Williamstown In the VFL SUMMARY: A lot has been said about the importance of developing team rules so players know how they...

/ April 4, 2008
Kurts Tackle and Hit

Kurts Tackle and Hit – Kicking Under Pressure

The tackle and hit is a great fitness drill that focuses on a player's kicking skills whilst under pressure. Players practice their tackling and finish with a kick to a leading player. A great all-round drill that can even be...

/ April 4, 2008
Reaction Drill

Reaction Drills – Developing Decision-Making

These are two drills designed to develop your player's reaction and decision-making skills, fitness and shepparding. They have been thankfully provided by Jamie McGinley from the AFL ACT league. Ideal for smaller groups of players to increase fitness building. Reaction...

/ March 8, 2008
Sprint Training

Sprint Training for Australian Rules Football

Are You Neglecting One Of Footy’s Most Important Skills Without Even Knowing It? SUMMARY: What do Brownlow Medalists Ben Cousins, Shane Woewodin and Simon Black all have in common? Answer - They all went to AFL Sprint Guru Mark Neates...

/ March 8, 2008
Goal Kicking Technique

Coaching Goal Kicking Technique

With Simon Goosey, Specialist Forward Coach with the Western Bulldogs and Arguably The Greatest Forward Never To Play AFL Summary: Goal kicking technique is an important part of our game and one that can be surprisingly hard to teach sometimes....

/ March 4, 2008
Cut and Lead

Cut and Lead on Angle – Teaching Lateral Thinking

This drill is a warm up drill designed to practice leading correctly and kicking to a moving target. It teaches players to lead correctly and not be one-dimensional. It also teaches the kicker to weight the kick properly and position...

/ March 4, 2008
AFL Blocking Techniques

Blocking – 5 Powerful Strategies To Free Up Players and Create Favourable Match Ups

SUMMARY: Blocking has been around for decades in the game of basketball where it has evolved into a fine art form. It has recently been introduced into the game of Australian rules football and is now commonly used in the...

/ March 1, 2008