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Ice Me Bath

How Ice Baths Have Changed The Way We Prevent Injuries In Community AFL Football

SUMMARY: Just as important as the skills and conditioning program you are putting your players is the ability to allow your players the chance to recover effectively. In this article, you'll discover how to aid the recovery process through the use...

/ March 3, 2016
Fitness Testing at the community level

Fitness Testing For AFL Football – What To Do At The Community Level

Summary: Fitness testing is all the rage in the AFL and state leagues around Australia. But are they relevant at the community level? And if so, what tests should community coaches use and when should they conduct them? This article...

/ March 17, 2013
Preseason Training AFL Fundamentals

Preseason Training Program Fundamentals In AFL Football

SUMMARY: Premierships are won and lost in the preseason – or at least that is the view of many of the AFL’s leading coaches. So what should you consider when you develop your preseason program? We asked Mitchell Cook, a...

/ April 4, 2012
Preseason Training Camp Secrets

Secrets To Pre-Season Training Camps

SUMMARY: Preseason camps are an excellent way to bring your players together and prepare your team for an upcoming season. The question is, what objectives should you be trying to achieve at your camps and how can you go about...

/ August 3, 2010
Fast Offensive Running

Fast Offensive Running – Creating the loose man

Utilising the full extent of the oval, this is a great running drill for building the fitness of your players while also teaching them how to create the loose man, run in support and work the ball through the corridor....

/ May 15, 2010
Holding Ground

Holding Ground – High Intensity Warm-Up

This drill is a great warm up type drill and is done at a high intensity. It generates excitement and voice among the players and encourages them to attack the ball hard and work together in tight spaces. It teaches...

/ May 9, 2007