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Football Kicking

How To Kick Out From Full Back

With West Coast Eagles Superboot, Shannon Hurn SUMMARY: How should full backs kick out when faced with a man-on-man defence? Or what about a zone defence? Or playing on? Shannon Hurn from the West Coast Eagle recently shared his tips...

/ May 30, 2015
Rebound and Angled Kicking

Rebound and Angled Kicking – Maintaining Defensive Pressure

A running drill aimed at teaching players to switch play and rebound, while also practicing their angled kicking. As a variation, you can also put two players at each position and have them handballing to each other and working in...

/ April 13, 2014
Are we asking the right things from our players

Are We Asking Our Players To Do The Right Thing?

With Jason Stevens, Senior Coach White Hills Football & Netball Club SUMMARY: How many coaches have asked their players to crack into a contest and win the contested footy? If I was to take a stab in the dark, I...

/ August 12, 2012
Working the Ball Forward Drill

Working The Ball Forward – Developing Patience & Pressure

This training drill aims to teach team play with a strong emphasis on developing patience in attacking players and building defensive pressure skills for defenders. Requiring only 8 players and a forward 50 zone this is a great drill for...

/ April 18, 2011
Muddys Switch Drill

Muddy’s Switch Drill – Opening up the Fat Side

This drill has been designed to teach players how to “switch the play” in the backline to open up the fat side of the ground and work the ball to the forwards. It was developed by Chris “Muddy” Waterman, the...

/ August 4, 2010
Hunting in Packs

Hunting in Packs – Clearing the Contest

This is a drill that teaches players to gain possessions through teamwork by protecting the ball winner and to release the ball to an outside running player to clear the contest area. When extended this is a good method of...

/ July 20, 2010
The powerful Collingwood Football Club

Confessions of a Collingwood Football Coach

Our No-Holds Barred interview with Collingwood Defensive Coach, Mark Neeld SUMMARY: Being one of the richest clubs in the AFL, Collingwood is famous for always being on the cutting edge of coaching strategy in football, and defence is no exception....

/ June 1, 2009
Teach AFL Defenders

Rules and Philosophies For Defenders – What Are Coaches Teaching Defenders Nowadays?

With Dale Tapping, Assistant Coach Of The Western Jets in the TAC Cup and former Defensive Coach of Williamstown In the VFL SUMMARY: A lot has been said about the importance of developing team rules so players know how they...

/ April 4, 2008
Kurts Tackle and Hit

Kurts Tackle and Hit – Kicking Under Pressure

The tackle and hit is a great fitness drill that focuses on a player's kicking skills whilst under pressure. Players practice their tackling and finish with a kick to a leading player. A great all-round drill that can even be...

/ April 4, 2008
Developing a Killer Backline

How To Develop a Killer Backline: 5 Cutting Edge Strategies From Melbourne Football Club Assistant Coach, Mark “Bomber” Riley

SUMMARY: Is the backline under-rated? The obvious role of the defensive unit is to stop the opposition scoring goals, but how many coaches teach their players that shots on goal by their own team are generally generated from the back...

/ September 4, 2007