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Avoid Goal Kicking Yips

How To Avoid The Goal Kicking Yips

SUMMARY: Set shot goal kicking has not improved after a hundred years of AFL, even though the kicking efficiency of today's modern players has increased significantly. So why do players choke up in front of goal? Turns out it has...

/ August 12, 2015
Football Kicking

How To Kick Out From Full Back

With West Coast Eagles Superboot, Shannon Hurn SUMMARY: How should full backs kick out when faced with a man-on-man defence? Or what about a zone defence? Or playing on? Shannon Hurn from the West Coast Eagle recently shared his tips...

/ May 30, 2015
Rebound and Angled Kicking

Rebound and Angled Kicking – Maintaining Defensive Pressure

A running drill aimed at teaching players to switch play and rebound, while also practicing their angled kicking. As a variation, you can also put two players at each position and have them handballing to each other and working in...

/ April 13, 2014
How to Kick a Drop Punt

Secrets of Kicking An AFL Drop Punt

SUMMARY: What advice can you give to your players to improve their kicking efficiency? Namely, how often should they practice their kicking? What’s the best way to hold the ball for a drop punt? What types of kicking should they...

/ April 29, 2013
Kicking Mistakes in Juniors

The 5 Most Common Kicking Technique Errors In Junior Players – And How To Remedy Them

SUMMARY: Kicking is arguably the most important skill in our game. It's the one thing AFL and state league recruiters look at most when considering a player. Yet most junior players have never been taught how to kick properly. In...

/ September 12, 2011
Kick Builders

The Kicking Rainmaker: How A Seventy Year Old Queenslander Is Turning Kicking Coaching On Its Ear

SUMMARY: The common belief in AFL circles is that every player’s natural kicking action is different and therefore, their technique should be tweaked rather than overhauled. Now seventy year old Roy Redman from Kick Builders, along with his protégé Sean...

/ August 17, 2011
Running Goal Kicking Drill

Running Goal Kicking – Game Simulated Pressure

This is a goal kicking drill that allows players to practice their running kicking at goal while under game-simulated pressure. At the time of publishing this drill, the Adelaide Crows regularly performed this drill during their pre-game warm ups. Running...

/ September 26, 2010
Angled Kicking Drill

Angled Kick and Follow – Hitting the Target

A fantastic kicking drill that teaches players to kick on the angle and push up the ground to receive another possession. Excellent for building your player's skill in kicking, hitting the target and creating further opportunities. Angled Kick and Follow...

/ September 1, 2010
AFL Career Transitioning Program

Insider Secrets To Developing Young Players: A Sneak Peak Behind Anthony Rock’s New “SKINS AFL Career Transition Program”

SUMMARY: One of the advantages of being drafted to an AFL club as a young player is the cutting edge development opportunities you get access to. But what about those talented young players who sadly don't get drafter? How can...

/ July 18, 2010
Subiaco Forward Training Principles

How The Subiaco Football Club Coaches Their Forwards

SUMMARY: Imagine going behind the closed doors of a leading WAFL football club and seeing what they were doing to develop their forwards.Well in this article, Subiaco Assistant / Forwards Coach David Sierakowski does just all that and more to...

/ August 1, 2008