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Hocket is the epitome of an Invasion Sport

Invasion Sports & Game Sense – Their relevance to young footballers

By Mark Neeld, Head Coach Western Jets FC (TAC Cup) and Coordinator of Health & Physical Education Geelong College Preparatory School Background Simply put, an invasion sport is a game between two opponents, one an attacker and one a defender, where...

/ May 10, 2008
Goal Kicking Technique

Coaching Goal Kicking Technique

With Simon Goosey, Specialist Forward Coach with the Western Bulldogs and Arguably The Greatest Forward Never To Play AFL Summary: Goal kicking technique is an important part of our game and one that can be surprisingly hard to teach sometimes....

/ March 4, 2008
Cue Kicking

Cue Kicking – In game kicking replication

This is a kicking drill that replicates various kicks during a game of football. Players practice kicking at varying angles, such as directly at the leading player, or out in front of a player leading away from the kicker. Cue...

/ September 9, 2006