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Avoid Goal Kicking Yips

How To Avoid The Goal Kicking Yips

SUMMARY: Set shot goal kicking has not improved after a hundred years of AFL, even though the kicking efficiency of today's modern players has increased significantly. So why do players choke up in front of goal? Turns out it has...

/ August 12, 2015
Benefits of Training Games

Benefits of Training Games in AFL – Lessons From Brazilian Soccer

SUMMARY: Have you ever wondered why Brazil has dominated world soccer over richer European nations? Is the reason poverty? Is it because Brazilians are naturally more graceful? Or is because of a secret “training game” that the rest of the...

/ July 15, 2013
Sports Psychology

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: How Effective Sports Psychology Can Transform The Culture and Performance Of Your Football Team!

With motivational guru Lee Harper-Penman. Includes 4 things you can "copy" to influence the culture and motivation at your club! SUMMARY: What exactly do sports psychologists do? And can they really make a contribution to your team? Recently we invited...

/ June 28, 2009