Tag: Working the Ball Forward

10 Station Drill

10 Stations – Creating the Overlap

A running drill which educates players on how to create an overlap with the opponent. This highly effective drill focuses on both offensive and defensive skills while testing a players fitness and endurance. 10 Stations 239.28 KB Download *Requires Adobe...

/ August 20, 2013
Go Forward Again

Go Again Forward – Developing Offensive Leading Patterns

This full oval drill works the football down the entire length of the ground, utilising it to its full capacity. It is designed to help develop your team's offensive structure and provide forwards with the opportunity to practice their leading...

/ July 25, 2012
Switch Split and Break Drill

Switch, Split and Break – Creating space for Defenders

This full oval ball movement drill is designed to teach defenders how to read the play and switch direction to create space and aditional options when moving the ball forward into offense. Switch, Split and Break 155.69 KB Download *Requires...

/ July 7, 2011
Working the Ball Forward Drill

Working The Ball Forward – Developing Patience & Pressure

This training drill aims to teach team play with a strong emphasis on developing patience in attacking players and building defensive pressure skills for defenders. Requiring only 8 players and a forward 50 zone this is a great drill for...

/ April 18, 2011
Muddys Switch Drill

Muddy’s Switch Drill – Opening up the Fat Side

This drill has been designed to teach players how to “switch the play” in the backline to open up the fat side of the ground and work the ball to the forwards. It was developed by Chris “Muddy” Waterman, the...

/ August 4, 2010
Funnel Drill

The Funnel – 6 vs 6 working the ball into Offense

This is a great 6 vs 6 training drill that teaches players how to play corridor football. Using the majority of the oval players work the ball up the ground, under pressure and through the corridor, to the forwards. Funnel...

/ April 20, 2010
Frawleys Full Oval

Frawley’s Full Oval – Moving from Defense to Offense

This is a fantastic drill – designed by former Richmond Coach Danny Frawley – that provides specialized training for all players involved. Forwards and defenders get game-based training at both ends of the ground and in different defensive set ups....

/ April 10, 2008